Dreams For A Better Past

Work In Progress

«I find a picture of my father when he was a baby in the hands of my grandparents, they are smiling. It’s March 1944 and my grandfather is wearing an SS officer suit. The image feels like an original sin. I wonder what the relation is between this image and my father’s political activism during the 70s in Berlin. Furthermore, I wonder how this past echoes with me today, and with my relation to the world of images.»

The project of the film Dreams For A Better Past is closely related to the research carried by Albert Kuhn in the context of the Master of Film at the Netherlands Film Academy (2017-2019). For two years, the director called into question his cinematic and political approach and started a process in order to redefine his practice.

Dreams For A Better Past inscribes itself in the frame of films exploring the tension between History (in capital letters) and the family and personal history. How to approach May 68 without falling into nostalgic idealization and how to consider one’s subjectivity beyond a reactive logic, are the themes of this film.