Vertical / Horizontal


Vertical /Horizontal is an application-documentary (app-doc) about HIV realities and experiences. Since the appearence of high efficency antiviral treatments in 1996, HIV can be treated as a non-mortal chronic infection. However, the HIV-related stigma remained. Now, up to 25 interviewees explain unashamedly their firsthand experiences with HIV.

Through Q&A, the user navigates across an audiovisual experience: participants choose from a list of questions. The answers are short video capsules of people who has links to HIV, one way or another. The app-doc generates a unique narrative experience which evolves depending on which HIV-related topic the user has shown interest about.

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Directed by Albert Kuhn

Artistic Directon by Joan Sànchez

Technological Direction by Enric Marco & Carlos Narro

Script: Francesc Hernández, Josep M. Tomàs, Sergi Martín, Joan Sànchez, Albert Kuhn

Executive Production: Maria José Ferrer

Co-produced by Factual Films & Relabtive


Press Coverage

La Vanguardia (SPAIN)

El País (SPAIN)

SER Radio Poadcast (SPAIN)


Barcelona Autonomous Univeristy (SPAIN/CATALONIA)


Wapa (PERU)